Facet Disease

Facets are the other joints in the spine and are located in the back part of the spinal column. The main joint is the disc which is located in front of the spinal cord/nerves. Facets are located on either side behind the spinal cord/nerves. Facets can wear out just like discs but do not herniate or rupture. Facet disease occurs when the facets become swollen or painful as a result of injury or arthritis. But more commonly, facets undergo gradual degeneration like discs and can contribute to the build up of bone spurs, thickened ligaments or cysts that can pinch adjacent nerves. Simple degeneration of the facets can cause stiffness and pain in the back. The back pain typically worsens when stretching backwards(extension). When pinched nerves occur, symptoms can mimic herniated discs or spinal stenosis and can be treated accordingly.

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