From Back Pain to Freedom – Kathryn's Story

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Kathryn injured her neck years ago during a sporting collision. For years, she lived with on and off back pain, never feeling great but always able to get by. But, as she got older, she found that her spine was beginning to bother her more and more until, finally, it had narrowed her life to the point of being almost incapacitating.

Should couldn't exercise, she couldn't stand for long periods of time, she even found that she couldn't work. 

So, she started looking for doctors who could help address her pain. In the beginning, every surgeon she spoke to told her that her only option was to have a spinal fusion, a surgery that joins to vertebrae together in order to address instability in the back. But Kathryn knew that she didn't want that. A fusion was her last option because she knew that, while it may address her pain in the short-term, that it could cause even more problems for her further down the line.

She was starting to run out of options and hope, but that's when she met Dr. Lim. She went into her first consultation with Dr. Lim fully expecting him to try and convince her to have a fusion, just like every other physician had done. 

But he didn't. 

Instead, Dr. Lim told her about Mobi-C, a procedure that replaces a diseased and damaged disc with an artificial alternative and allows for continued flexibility and mobility of the spine. Immediately, Kathryn's heart lifted. She knew this was the procedure and neurosurgeon for her.

She underwent the surgery and when she woke up, she instantly knew that something was different. The constant pain that she had felt in her spine for years was gone. Completely and utterly gone. Throughout the months following her recovery she kept expecting to wake up in the morning and feel that old, familiar ache, but she never did. 

Now, Kathryn is back to her life. She has hope and dreams for the future again because her present isn't defined anymore by debilitating back pain.

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