Motion Preservation Spine Surgery Northern VA

Motion Preservation Spine Surgery

Motion Preservation Spine Surgery is a surgical technique that allows patients to avoid spinal fusions.

What is Motion Preservation Spine Surgery?

Motion Preservation Spine Surgery (MPSS) is a surgical technique that allows patients to avoid spinal fusions. In its simplest form, MPSS includes micro decompression techniques that maximize the preservation of spinal structures compared with traditional open surgeries. Perhaps the biggest advantage of MPSS is that patients who undergo the procedure typically have surgeries that take a fraction of the time and experience a much faster recovery. Some patients who undergo MPSS may also be candidates for disc replacement surgery. Artificial discs mimic native discs and allow continued motion in that motion segment.


Disc replacement surgery is a similar procedure to a standard hip or knee replacement. By replacing a seriously damaged, degenerated disc with an artificial disc, we can effectively mimic the original disc and provide the patient with continued or restored movement and flexibility in the affected area.

BENEFITS of Motion Preservation Spine Surgery

The primary benefit of Motion Preservation Spine surgery is that it gives patients with significant structural spinal issues a surgical option outside of a spinal fusion, which can be a lengthy and challenging treatment option. While more traditional treatment options like spinal fusions may result in a significant decrease in the integrity of spinal structures, MPSS can restore or preserve range of motion without the long-term recovery often associated with procedures like fusion.

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