Patient Testimonial: From Rome to Reston

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Lynn was diagnosed with a Meningioma, a brain tumor that forms around the spinal cord and the brain. This tumor, though benign, had caused Lynn issues for years including issues keeping her balance, trouble remembering words and splitting headaches.

In December of 2018, Lynn got a headache that never went away and there were more and more problems with mobility. At this point, she started researching brain surgery.

Lynn's neurologist recommended Dr. Jae Lim, MD and she decided to fly to the United States and have her brain surgery with him.

Soon after her surgery, Lynn was able to start walking again, has been able to go back to doing yoga and is returning her normal, everyday life. 

This video describes Lynn's experience with Dr. Jae Lim, his office and how her brain surgery has changed her life.

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