Patient Testimonial: The Beginning of a New Life

Prior to my recent spine surgery, I was suffering from constant pain throughout my neck and back. I couldn’t even walk or stand up straight. It was a debilitating experience for me and had upended my entire day-to-day life.

Around this time, I knew that I needed to visit a surgeon. I began doing research online and asking people I knew in the medical field for recommendations, but it was my general physician who ultimately recommended Dr. Jae Lim and the team at Atlantic Brain and Spine.

Meeting The Team

Walking into Atlantic Brain and Spine for the first time, I was immediately impressed by the office atmosphere and the friendliness of the staff. In particular, I could tell that everyone on the medical team was respectful and accommodating of my needs as a patient. The staff made me feel as if I could rely on them.

During our initial consultation, Dr. Lim made it clear that he would pursue a minimally invasive surgical procedure, and would not recommend an operation he believed to be excessive or unnecessary. This was very important to me, as I was hoping to avoid surgical implants and other invasive procedures.

Most importantly, I was thoroughly impressed by the effort that Dr. Lim put into making sure I understood every detail about the surgery. Dr. Lim and his nurse practitioner, Meghan Martin, made me feel comfortable with the procedure and fully aware of what to expect. Additionally, the amazing office staff took care of everything and were supportive throughout my time as a patient.

Dr. Lim first determined that my pain would require a cervical repair surgery of my neck. Due to a positive initial experience and consultation, I decided that Dr. Lim would be the perfect choice for this procedure.

But through careful attention to my needs, he further identified damage to my lumbar spine that needed to be repaired as well. Ultimately, I had both the cervical repair and the lumbar repair surgeries back-to-back.

Preparing For Surgery

In the weeks leading up to the surgery, I became more and more confident that Dr. Lim was the right choice and that he would do everything necessary to ensure a successful operation.

I was certainly nervous at first, as anyone would be ahead of a major surgery, but Dr. Lim did a wonderful job of making me comfortable and prepared. One way he did this was by scheduling several consultations with me prior to the surgery. During these consultations, he went into even further detail explaining what I should expect during and immediately following the operation.

Dr. Lim was honest, professional and showed that he really cared about his patients. When the day of the first surgery finally arrived, I was thoroughly prepared and confident that the operation would be a success.

A Successful Operation

I underwent two procedures, one in March of 2021 and the other in August. One procedure consisted of a cervical disc replacement that addressed damaged cervical discs in my C1 and C2 vertebrae, the first two vertebrae at the top of the cervical spine, as well as the T1 thoracic vertebrae. During the procedure, Dr. Lim made a small incision on the side of my neck, removed the damaged cervical discs and placed artificial discs into the space before closing the incision with sutures.

The other procedure consisted of a lumbar fusion that addressed similar damage in my lower L2-L5 vertebrae. During this procedure, which involves fusing bones together in the spine, Dr. Lim made an incision into my lower back and placed a bone graft between the vertebrae, a process that allows the bones to fuse as they heal.

Just as Dr. Lim promised, both procedures were quick and painless. I could tell right away that the pain I had been experiencing in my neck and lower back was nowhere near as incapacitating as it used to be.

My New Life

Just weeks after undergoing surgery, I began to notice some major changes. I was able to stand up straight and walk around without feeling the constant pain that I was used to before.

Dr. Lim and his team also continued to demonstrate the same level of dedication and compassion during my follow up appointments and throughout the recovery process.

I had no life prior to my surgery. Now, I am pain-free and looking forward to finally being able to live and enjoy life. I am so grateful to have been a patient at Atlantic Brain and Spine and thankful to have Dr. Lim, Meghan and his staff as part of my healthcare team.

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