Patient Testimonial: Patient Travels from Qatar for Robotic Spine Surgery

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Seros R. managed his consistent back pain for years. However, his condition continued to degenerate over the years until he finally decided that his best course for relief was spine surgery. 

After exploring the surgical options in his home country of Qatar, Seros decided to travel to the United States and have his procedure done with Dr. Jae Lim, MD. There are very few surgical centers in the world that provide the cutting-edge technology available to Dr. Lim and even fewer surgeons who have the skill and training required to perform the operation. 

In December, Dr. Lim performed Robotic Spine Surgery on Seros and upon waking up from anesthesia, the relief was instantaneous and dramatic. This video tells Seros' story, why he decided to have spine surgery with Dr. Lim and about his experience with Atlantic Brain and Spine.

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