Spinal Fusion Brings Back Smiling, Happy Self

Before my spinal fusion with Dr. Lim, I was at one of my life's lowest points. I was in terrible pain and had almost lost hope that things would ever get better. My personality had completely changed and I had no joy left in my life. Within weeks of the surgery, I was back to my smiling, happy self and I was off all pain drugs in just a few months. Dr. Lim is not just superbly competent in the science of neurosurgery, he is kind, courteous, warm, professional, empathetic, and sympathetic. He is very easy to talk to and he listens with respect and concern. When I'm in his office, he makes me feel like the most important person in the world to him. He is very thorough and will always spend as much time as I need answering questions and explaining things, which is so important in patient care. He truly cares about his patients and it comes through in everything he does. Add to that his top-notch surgical skills and that he stays on top of technological advances in his field and one would have a hard time finding a better neurosurgeon!

Dr. Lim gave me my life back. It is my pleasure to recommend him.

— Nicole G., Ashburn, VA

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