Spine Surgery Gives Veteran His Life Back


Before my spinal fusion with Dr. Lim, my life was incredibly frustrating. I had severe numbness in my pelvic region and radiating pain that would shoot down my right leg all the way to my foot. I reached a point where the pain and numbness was so severe that I could no longer accomplish the simplest tasks. I wasn’t able to walk with my wife, I had to retire from my job because I couldn’t walk up stairs and when I would stand to talk to people I would become numb and feel like I was going to drop to the floor. I wasn’t enjoying life at all.


I met with my doctor at the Department of Veterans Affairs, who had been monitoring my condition for a while, and he said that it was time to get surgery. Thus the search for finding a good doctor began. I didn’t trust many of the doctors in my area to give me the quality of care that I desired and needed, so I did a Google search and, after sifting through a few spine doctors, finally landed on Dr. Lim. His website was intelligent, easy to follow and gave me the distinct feeling that he and his practice were very professional. So I gave him a call and was shocked to hear a human voice on the other end of the line! It was the first office I found that I was able to talk to a receptionist who knew what she was talking about and didn’t immediately write me off or give me another number to call. It was incredibly refreshing.

In June I met with Dr. Lim and we decided that I was going to need Spinal Fusion surgery to deal with my pain. I had no idea what I was getting into initially, but Dr. Lim explained everything clearly and transparently to me which helped me understand exactly how he was going to treat my spine.


In July I had my spine surgery and now I feel a heck of a lot better. The numbness, pain and equilibrium problems are gone, and that is an incredible relief. I’m confident as I continue with my post-operation recovery that I’ll only continue to heal and return to a life full of stairs and walks with my wife. Additionally, I love the fact that, even though I’m done with my surgery, Dr. Lim still takes his time with me through all my post-operation checkups. He sat me down and showed me what all the gadgets look like on my spine and explained everything that he had done during the surgery. After going through years of pain, it was nice to see exactly what he had done to me. Now I feel much more knowledgable about my condition and exactly how Dr. Lim fixed it.  

I would absolutely recommend Dr. Lim to anyone who’s looking for a solution to their spine pain. As a matter of fact, I’m already recommending him to my friends at church! I love Dr. Lim because when you go to see him, he doesn’t gaff you off with quick, impersonal visits, short sentences or medical lingo. On the contrary, he takes his time to explain things to you clearly and in detail. To me, that transparency and honesty is super important in a physician because I know that they’re not trying to hide something from me or that I’m just another patient on the list. Though he’s young, Dr. Lim is a man with experience, professionalism and incredible intelligence. I’m a retired Navy guy and I got to know a wide range of people throughout my 35 year career and I can say with certainty that Dr. Lim is at the top.

-Michael D.

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