What is an Orthopedic Neurosurgical Spine Surgeon?

Both neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons perform spine surgery.  There are many more orthopedic surgeons trained in this country than neurosurgeons. Orthopedic surgeons who decide to specialize in spine spend an additional year to complete a spine fellowship. This gives them additional training but this does not make them neurosurgeons. Some orthopedic spine surgeons use titles like “neurological orthopedic spine surgeon,” or “orthopedic neurosurgical spine surgeon” as a way to appear to have more expertise before patients. If the term orthopedic is in the title or the title is needlessly long, then the surgeon in question is most likely an orthopedic surgeon.

If you are looking for a neurosurgeon, a directory can be found at the following link:http://www.aans.org/Find%20a%2...

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